Organic Strategy & Operations

Winning on Amazon Requires More Than Just Ads

Amplify growth on Amazon Seller and/or Vendor with innovative strategies, and a team of experts in your corner. Data driven for scalable growth.

Organic Strategy

Proactive practices to keep you ahead of your competition & customer searching behaviors.

Keyword & Rank Research
Pricing & BuyBox Consultation
Subscribe & Save
Tools: Helium 10, Keep a, Brand Analytics, Brand Experiments, etc.
Promotions & Deals
Launchpad Tactics A/B Testing
Category & Competitor Research
Small Content Tweaks: A+ Content, Brand Store
Reviews & Feedback Tools
SEO / Content Refinement
Actionable Recommendations & Insights

What is Amazon DSP

Through the DSP we can utilize any product to create custom audiences, or utilize thousands of pre-created audiences to reach users at each stage of the funnel.

Storefront Management
We can help provide simplistic solutions within a complex interface.

• Catalog Management Listing Variations

• PDP Technical Listing Creation

• Content & Video Upload

• Merging Reviews for Variations

• Small & Simple Content Revisions


• Virtual Bundle Listing Creation

• Merge ASINs

Amazon Troubleshooting
Dealing with Amazon support can be frustrating and take a ton of time without seeing any progress. Our team will open trouble tickets, get on the phone with Amazon, and exhaust all options to develop a remedy for the problem at hand.

• Product Suppressions & Stranded Inventory

• Account Health Issues

• Update Listing Attributes Listing Recategorization

• Listing Missing Best Seller Rank Inactive OOS but with FBA

• High / Low Pricing Errors

• Category Compliance & Documentation

• High Return Rate - Voice of Customer

• Small & Light Program

• Inventory & Shipment Reconciliation

• Inventory Removal Issues Reserved Inventory

• Product Dimensions Remeasurement

• FBA Inventory over 365 Days

• Reimbursed for Unrented - Refunded Orders

• Missing Units from Shipment Unreconciled Inventory Balances

• Intellectual Property & Suspected IP Violation

• Authenticity & Product Condition Complaints

• Product Safety Issues

• Listing & Restricted Policy Violation

• Late Shipment Check In / Receiving

• And More

• Remove Bad Feedback & Reviews

Frequent & Insightful Reporting

Partner with former Amazonians and industry experts to streamline operations and generate good data your business can rely on to make solid business decisions.

A live dashboard to business metrics in real time (ROAS, ACoS, TACoS, etc)
Slack Integration
Inventory Forecasting to avoid out-of-stock issues
Annual Sales Planning
Business Sales Performance Reports
IPI Score Management
Feedback & Product Review Reporting

Key Benefits

Feature One

Most brands can leverage Amazon DSP for programmatic advertising, whether or not they sell on Amazon or not. Includes eCommerce & service based logos alike.

Feature Two

Ambitious brands who are looking to steal market share from competitors, drive awareness, and traffic to their PDPs.

Feature Three

Profitability focused brands looking to capitalize on non-converting traffic, loyal fan bases, and in-market audiences to boost sales and increase review count.

Feature Four

Create unique customer groups for your business based on Amazon browsing and purchase behavior, not just general interests and curiosities.

Feature Five

Take up meaningful real estate on and off as well as video levers which can surface on various TV services, Twitch and Prime Video


Allowed Us to Not Only Grow Top Line, but to Increase our Profitability

DLVRD Media is an amazing partner for growing your Amazon business! Their strategic approach to all the main pillars of the business allowed us to not only grow top line, but to increase our profitability while doing so. Their comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the Amazon business has been key to building a full flywheel strategy for profitable success. They foster a true partnership with incredible communication and the whole team has been amazing to work with!

Kate Kump

Amazon Manager, Love Wellness
Within Our First 45 Days

The DLVRD team absolutely blew away our expectations. The onboarding was seamless and educational for team and I. Their overall process, from restructuring and optimizing our Amazon store and PDP pages showed true measurable impact within the first month. DLVRD clearly has a high level of expertise, because within our first 45 days, we were hitting sales figures that they didn't think we would hit until month 6. They are the epitome of underpromise and overdeliver. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their Amazon business to the next level!

Russell Saks

CEO of Beam

Work With Us

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