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The challenge

COVID had forced MVMT to prioritize their dot com over Amazon in 2020. 2021 presented an opportunity to course correct and get their Amazon presence out of maintenance mode and back in regaining momentum and conversion to drive sales growth. They looked to us for assistance in taking their detail pages and brand store to the next level.

Our solution

Through extensive organization and planning, we provided monthly creative sprint plans to prioritize their 180 SKU catalog. We prioritized best seller collections and did a refresh of the brand store to make the most sales impact upfront before working with the secondary products.

Our expertise

While working alongside their content team, DLVRD was able to provide:

  • SEO Copy Creation
  • A+ Content
  • Graphic Design
  • Desktop & Mobile UX
  • Variations

Results Delivered

Revamping 100+ pages is no small task, we conceptualized, planned, and produced a series of made-for-Amazon images to boost customer engagement. Quality content both drives sales and strengthens a brand. So, it was imperative that MVMT took full advantage of every content opportunity on Amazon. We worked together to (1) Implement A+ Content, and (2) Rework Product Detail Pages (including copy updates & variations). Optimized detail pages and A+ content, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in converting the increased advertising traffic into sales by giving customers purchasing information while demonstrating the value of a product and brand. This year, we’ve been able to sustain meaningful conversion for best sellers to keep up with momentum for ranking and relevance. Additionally, we’ve been able to jumpstart secondary products in as little as 3 months to widen the product mix for MVMT.


Incredibly Self-Sufficient

In addition to improving KPIs, DLVRD has been incredibly self-sufficient & tenacious--opening up our bandwidth and making us more efficient overall. The amount of time and energy we were able to take back while leveraging their services has been invaluable.

Allison Duda

Director of Brand Partnerships

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