The Power of Amazon Reviews & Ratings

Reviews are critical to a product's success on Amazon - let's go through why they're important and strategies sellers can use to increase review count

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June 28, 2023

Nearly 80% of consumers visit Amazon to check product reviews prior to making a purchase, this makes reviews an integral part of your success on Amazon. In addition to helping persuade customers to purchase your product, reviews play an essential role in Amazon's search algorithms.

While you don't have any direct control over receiving only positive reviews, there are ways to increase the number of reviews your products receive without violating Amazon's Terms of Service. Let's review more reasons why product reviews are important and 'do and don't' strategies to help your overall review standings.

Why Are Amazon Reviews Important?

Increase Sales

  • Amazon reviews serve as social proof, influencing potential customers' purchasing decisions. Positive reviews act as testimonials, reassuring buyers about the quality, reliability, and value of a product. When launching a new product, we wouldn't recommend investing any ad dollars against that product until you have at least 20 reviews of 4 stars or more.

Improve Search Visibility & Rank

  • The quantity and quality of reviews impact a product's visibility and ranking on Amazon. Products with higher ratings and more reviews are more likely to appear in search results, increasing their exposure to potential customers. Amazon's algorithm plays an important part here. Even though no one is exactly sure what the algorithm is, it's been determined that not only review count or rating matters, but also weighed against verified/unverified reviews, reviews marked as "helpful", etc.

Build Trust

  • Positive reviews build trust and credibility with customers. When shoppers see that others have had positive experiences with your products, they are more likely to trust your brand and make a purchase not only on the product they're reviewing but potentially on others you also offer on Amazon.

How to Get Amazon Reviews:

Amazon Vine Program
  • This program is run by Amazon where they recruited the most trusted reviewers on the platform to review your product. Sellers can opt to use this program for ASINs with less than 30 reviews. To participate, sellers have to designate up to 30 units (FBA Only) for free to be distributed to this community. Enrollment costs $200 per parent ASIN. You will not be charged the fee if the enrolled product does not received any reviews within 90 days of enrollment. Reviews submitted by the Vine program have a special tag on their review.

Deliver Outstanding Products and Customer Service
  • The foundation of obtaining positive reviews is to provide exceptional products and excellent customer service. Consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations creates a positive environment for generating favorable reviews. Promptly answer any buyer/seller messages about the product, order info, or the delivery.

Send Follow Up Emails Requesting Honest Reviews
  • Ask customers to leave an honest review after their purchase. Emphasize the importance of their opinions and assure them that their feedback matters. There are a number of verified tools you can use to automatically send emails to your Amazon Customers and provide data on effectiveness of the sequence. We've listed some popular tools below for your reference and would recommend onboarding a tool for more selling strategies on Amazon. Generally, to avoid your emails being marked as spam and reduce the risk of account suspension, use neutral language in your emails that adheres to Amazon’s Terms of Service and messaging guidelines.

Leverage Product Inserts
  • Include a well-designed product insert that politely requests customers to share their experience and leave a review. Provide clear instructions on how to do so through Amazon's platform.

Some Prohibited Methods to Acquire Amazon Reviews:

Review Your Own Products

  • This is explicitly against Amazon's Terms of Service. It's important to always be up to date on Amazon's TOS. This also includes any family & friends that would do a round of reviews for any of your products.

Incentive or Directly Paying For Positive Reviews

  • Offering free or discounted products in exchange for a review is a big no-no.

Redirect Sales to External Site

  • Amazon prohibits any traffic to be directed away from Amazon. Do not include your site or other channels your product may be available for sale.

Asking for Positive Reviews

  • Even if you're using a compliant 3rd party tool to send follow up emails requesting reviews you cannot directly ask for positive reviews or imply that they'll be positive. All language should be very neutral.

Popular Tools for Amazon Review Management:

  • FeedbackWhiz: FeedbackWhiz is a comprehensive review management tool that offers features such as automated email campaigns, customizable email templates, review notifications, and detailed analytics. It helps sellers monitor, manage, and respond to reviews effectively.
  • Helium 10: Known for its suite of Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 provides the "Follow-Up" feature, enabling sellers to automate review requests, track reviews, and engage with customers promptly.
  • AMZFinder: AMZFinder focuses on feedback and review management, offering features like review notifications, review request generation, and filters for sorting reviews based on rating or date.
  • Jungle Scout: A popular all-in-one Amazon seller software suite, Jungle Scout provides a review management feature that allows sellers to track, monitor, and respond to reviews, maintaining a positive brand image.

Harnessing the power of Amazon reviews is a vital aspect of achieving success on the platform. By understanding the importance of reviews, implementing effective strategies to acquire them, and utilizing the right tools, sellers can enhance their reputation, build trust with customers, and optimize their Amazon selling journey. Remember, authentic and meaningful reviews are a testament to the value you offer, so prioritize customer satisfaction and leverage the available tools to excel in the realm of Amazon reviews.

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