What are Amazon Merchant Tokens?

Keep track of your PPC and DSP advertising by correctly configuring Amazon Merchant Tokens. Need 100 Characters.

Amazon AMS

December 3, 2022

What Is a Merchant Token?

A merchant token is a 15-digit unique identifier for Amazon Seller Central accounts. Each seller central account has one, and they can be located within the account info section in seller central as well as tagged within the URL of Amazon seller pages which can be accessed through the Buybox.

Why are Amazon Merchant Tokens important?

In short, attribution.

If you are running both PPC and DSP advertising, your sales data is not automatically linked. Amazon DSP is a bit different from PPC in that it is not directly connected to a Seller Central account. The DSP is accessed externally and typically speaking several brands are held within any given account.

As such, you run the risk of duplicating sales as both DSP and PPC can take credit if one person is served a DSP ad, clicks a PPC ad, and buys your product.

For this reason, attribution between PPC and DSP can be messy unless you associate the merchant token across every advertiser in your account.

Contact DLVRD Media for your Complimentary Account Audit

If you are running a comprehensive, multi-channel advertising campaign, attribution can be tricky. If you are running ads through the DSP, Amazon does not prompt you to associate a merchant token, and you are more than likely double-counting some percentage of your sales. Finding and associating this merchant token will cause AMZ to switch to last-touch attribution, and your sales will no longer be counted twice. If you have any questions about this, or would like a free audit of your account, please contact us or reach out to sam.lee@dlvrdmedia.com.

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